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06 December 2018

48 Megapixel Camera Smartphone By Xiaomi 2019

48MP Camera Smartphone By Xiaomi 2019
However the most interesting thing about this is that the announcement arrived shortly after the south korean giant samsung and sony present their camera sensors with exactly the same maximum resolution.Moreover the presentation of the device did not uphold the traditional ritual of the launch of smartphones since it contains one image only a detail that may be the main feature of this unknown Xiaomi smartphone of course undoubtedly a am talking about the number of megapixels of the camera  but there is still no information is available that how many cameras and what features this unknown Xiaomi smartphone will bring.
However after getting details about the camera power for now at least it is clear that this unknown Xiaomi smartphone will be none other than a flagship smartphone the only extra information that was shared with the photo is that more news will be presented in January next year and the well known chinese smartphone manufacturer of course Xiaomi’s president of course Lin Bin is already using the smartphone.
While we all know very well that the well known finnish company of course Nokia was the last company that was still in the megapixel race when it brought to the world the great cameras of pureview a range that had its height in the Lumia 1020 and its camera of 41 megapixels.

Basically the main idea of the finnish company Nokia was not exactly to capture gigantic images but the ability to crop the photos and thus apply digital zoom in as much detail as possible in a lower resolution photo one feature that comes with both Samsung and Sony camera sensors is that they can group pixels to let more light in without necessarily working with lenses that are too light  which are far more expensive than f/2.0 lenses.

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